Backup Solutions

We have seen it before and we will see it again - Users and Companies that have lost data which could have been prevented by selecting the proper backup solution. 


Backblaze online backup

As a partner for Backblaze we are authorized to sell and install one of the industries leading online backup solutions. 

Backblaze purely backs up to their online data centers and allows an unlimited amount of data to be stored for one low price. 


Managed Backup

As part of our Proactive Maintenance plans we offer a Managed Backup solution. 

This allows us to not only make sure that your computer is running as it should, but also monitor your backup for any errors that may occur. 

The Managed backup will backup data to a local source such as a USB hard drive or network storage as well as keeping a copy in an offsite data center. 



Datto Business Continuity

We are a Partner with Datto who is a leader in business continuity - which is more than just backup. 

Not only does Datto give you the option to create hourly backups of any servers or critical workstations it allows us to virtualize the recovery process. 

This means that in a catropstoic event we would still be able to run your critical servers virutally onsite or in a Canadian data center.