Service plans, remote support and contracts. All to keep your employees happy and your equipment working as expected. 

Server and workstation deployment, customization and management. We can find the perfect desktop for your receptionist, the best laptop for your sales department and the newest server hardware for your core infrastructure - all while staying within your budget.

Hosted email and management of Exchange, Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 platforms. Keeping you connected to your customer, suppliers and staff when you need it most. 

Antivirus, Spam and Antimalware and Firewall service keep your data secure and safe. From site wide monitoring and website restriction to a single computer needing to be protected we will find a solution to fit your needs. 

Voice Over IP solutions to that allow a professional touch at a fraction of the price of a traditional phone system.

Our VOIP system allows powerful call options all while empowering you to work from anywhere in the world with a local phone number and simple internet connection. 

Business Continuity and Backup services allow your business to keep working when the worst happens. We can help prevent and recover from a complete loss of infrastructure, virus and malware or a single deleted file. 

Site wide wireless deployments allows customers and staff to work in any part of your building or business. We can customize a solution for any need, from Guest WiFi in a restaurant or bridged point to point connections at your farm yard.